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About Lynda Hayton Podiatry

Lynda Hayton: BSc (Hons) MChS, is our resident podiatrist with 7 years of experience in the NHS. Lynda can provide you with a high standard of complete Chiropody/Podiatry services, covering all complaints concerning your feet at her regular all-day Monday ground floor clinic.


She is a fully qualified member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) (Formally known as State Registered) which is a regulator of various health professions to ensure standardsfor training, professional skills, behaviour and health are met.

Lynda is experienced in treating a wide variety of foot problems from acute issues, from ingrown nails to general chiropody. She can assess your gait for sports injuries and foot pain and, if you have diabetes, can perform your recommended annual checkup as well as children’s foot concerns, or just a general MOT to ensure continued comfort.

She is an expert, in advising and treating nail fungal infections, and the new toenail reconstruction technique which replaces discoloured, damaged and unsightly nails. She will put you first and will endeavour to support you in a kind and gentle manner and provide you with information about your problem and discuss your treatment options for the short and long term.

To book please contact:

Telephone : 07798 626456

Email : 

About Plus Health Co 

Led by Jen Redfern, we deliver high-quality physiotherapy assessments and treatment for musculoskeletal problems, pre and post-operative rehabilitation and for sporting injuries. We are a friendly, professional team that uses the latest evidence-based practice to facilitate your recovery. 


We also deliver our signature Plus Pilates classes to small groups and on an individual basis. These clinical physiotherapist-led sessions are suitable for people from beginner level through to advanced level. 


We creatively adapt the traditional repertoire which makes it a fun, safe and progressive exercise for all. Our classes are particularly suited to those with areas of pain and discomfort (such as back or knee pain) and for people with issues such as osteoporosis. 


Get in touch with us directly for further details or for a chat about how we can help: 



T: 07824 380358 or 01422 345088 




We hope to hear from you soon!


Jen and team. 

About Melanie Alleyne Advanced Epilation

I specialise in Advanced Epilation which is the removal of warts, moles, skin tags, milia, pigmented lesions (ie. Liver spots) and vascular lesions (ie. thread veins). The treatment is carried out using heat to cauterise the unwanted lesion. It a very quick and simple with very little chance of scarring. In fact, in most cases, you cannot even seen where you have had the treatment. 

I have been trading as Lemon Tree Cosmetology for 14 years after working extensively throughout the UK within the industry for 30 years. I started as most do as a Beauty Therapist in Beauty Salons in Leeds, Birmingham and London and I very quickly moved toward teaching Beauty and Holistic Therapies. I did this at Barnsley, Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds, Croydon and Huddersfield.

Telephone : 07981 957009

Web :

Email :

Facebook :

About Annette Crawshaw, Ace Allergy and Nutrition Testing

Lots of people suffer allergy symptoms for years not realising that one or more of the foods they eat may be the cause, often this is their favourite food! These can easily be discovered and treated by food intolerance testing.

Our bodies can be left lacking the vital nutrients it requires by food sensitivities, poor diets, digestive problems, stress, busy lifestyles and many medications. The modern methods of food processing and intensive farming all contribute to depleting our food of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Food allergies can come and go and are often an indication of the body's immune system being weak, or stress factors and even the result of indigestion or heartburn.  Food intolerance testing can help find not only which foods are causing the allergy symptoms but can also help you in finding the diet best for you.

If you are worried about re-occurring health problems we may be able to help. The cause of these symptoms could be a reaction to a food or substance that your body isn't coping with.

The test takes approximately 1 hour and is non-invasive. You receive your results at the time and also advise on alternative foods. The mains test covers 100 foods, 9 e.numbers along with pollens, moulds and bacteria.  We also test for deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. This test costs £50.00 with an optional 30 foods tested for an additional £5.00

Telephone : 07931 990673

Email :

Web :

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